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Organisations etc

There are several support organisations and services for home educators and those interested in alternative forms of education. Their details follow, together with a brief description of what they offer. Further information can be obtained by contacting them direct.

Schoolhouse is a national Scottish charity which offers information and support to home educators and those with an interest in home education. Enquiry line, young people's newspaper project and home educators' newsletter (both published quarterly), teenage peer support network. Membership by voluntary donation; also available to organisations. Schoolhouse Home Education Association, 311 Perth Road, Dundee DD2 1LG.
Tel: 0870 745 0968  Fax: 0870 745 0969 Email: info@schoolhouse.org.uk

24 hour information line - contains information about home education, the law in Scotland, who Schoolhouse are, the latest news, upcoming events and more. The number is 0870 745 0967, and calls are charged at standard national rates. It is divided into convenient sections, so you don't need to listen to lots of information to get to the bit you want.

H.E.N.  Home Education Network   a recently-formed support and lobby group for home educators in Ireland. Thames Valley Business

HEAS Home Education Advisory Service is a registered charity which supports and advises families who wish to educate their children at home instead of sending them to school. HEAS produces information leaflets, the Big Book of Resource Ideas and the Home Education Handbook. Subscribers receive the quarterly Bulletin, access to the Advice Line and the Dyslexia Helpline, a concession card and list of local contacts. The organisation offers information about educational resources, GCSE, special educational needs, information technology, legal matters and curriculum design. HEAS, PO Box 98, Welwyn Garden City, Herts AL8 6AN. Tel/fax 01707 371854

Home Service  48 Heaton Moor Road, Heaton Moor, Stockport SK4 4NX, UK. Home Service provides support for Christian home-schoolers. Membership includes a subscription to Home Time, a homeschool contact list, useful leaflets, and a card which entitles you to reduced rates at various museums. They provide free progress testing for 8-13 year olds on request, and organise conferences.

Catholic Home-schooling Network  P.O. Box 52 Skegness PO25 1UE An informal network for Catholic families who are educating children at home. There is a newsletter and a resources list.

If you want to meet up with other Home Educators, find out where your nearest group is on our Local Groups and Events page.

Other Home Educating Sites

Freedom in Education - is about people being able to choose what they want to learn and when they want to learn it. Good new, privately run, independent website which promotes alternatives to school-based education. Lots of good advice and practical things to do. Pre-school section too.

Choice in Education is not an organisation, but a publication produced by a cooperative group of home educators who seek to promote and publicise the alternative to mainstream schooling in our society. Choice in Education produce Truancy Information Cards to help give children confidence when out and about during school hours. They also organise the Home Educators Seaside Festival (HES FES) every May, which is the biggest gathering of home educators in Europe. It is a week of camping, workshops for adults and children, HE discussion groups, lots of fun, games and entertainment. For more information on any of the above, subscriptions or sample copies of the Choice in Education newsletter, please contact Choice in Education, PO Box 20284, London. NW1 3WY

Bully OnLine  The UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line, where Tim Field shares his unique insight into workplace bullying, the common denominator of harassment, discrimination, prejudice, abuse, conflict, and violence, giving you the knowledge to identify, understand and tackle a common cause of stress, anxiety, waste, inefficiency, dysfunction, ill health, trauma, cost, and litigation. Bully OnLine also contains pages on workplace violence, domestic abuse, PTSD, suicide, child bullying, bullying in schools, stalking, and more.

The Otherwise Club  A London centre for families educating their children out of school, with the aims of providing regular social interaction for families to exchange views and ideas. Workshops and group activities in which all members are able to participate.

Human Scale Education is a national charity which believes that children's needs are best met and their potential most fully realised in human scale settings. The organisation is encouraging new educational initiatives in this country such as the restructuring of large schools into smaller units and the setting up of new small schools and learning centres in which children can be treated as individuals. For more information contact: Human Scale Education, 96 Carlingcott, BATH BA2 8AW. Grantham NG31 6EW

Home Education Network  is funded independently run by HEN members in Ireland. Dedicated to the fundamental human right to teach our children according to our own vision of what education is - and the right of each child to help decide what kind of education is right for them

Travellers' School Charity Helping travellers with the successful education of children. If you wish to subscribe to TSC you will receive the quarterly newsletter and help us with funding, fuel and communications. TSC, PO Box 36,Grantham NG31 6EW

Home Education Research  Paula Rothermel's extensive research on Home Education, have a look at her paintings too.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme  with virtual award planner. How to get an award. Lots of information and advice.

Educate Online Home Education Pages  Here you will find links to resources for home educators, reviews and other items of special interest.

Home Education Magazine  is one of the oldest, most respected, and most informative magazines on the subject of homeschooling.

F2be  The Freedom 2be Natural Learners - The website hopes to help challenge current perceptions about what education is all about. It suggests that the old systems are no longer relevant to today's technological society and that education should increasingly be about valuing learning, thinking and feeling abilities over the simple acquisition of knowledge. It brings together the work of people worldwide who are actively exploring the nature of human consciousness and potential and it calls for a new way of learning that is about the freedom and fulfillment of the individual.

Internet Support

The Home Education Website is a significant and growing independent website bringing together many different home education resources including homepages for the "UKHomeEd mailing list", "the HomeEducation UK webring" and the "TCSAutonomousEd mailing list".

Home Education UK  Educating away from school. A site about home educating in the UK, for active home educators, or those interested in becoming involved in home education. Maintained by a Christian home educating family.

Flexitime Schooling  Details of part time schooling that some education authorities allow

The UK Home Education Support List is an Internet List which exists to provide mutual support for UK based home educators and those interested in home education, to allow the sharing of knowledge and experience between established and prospective home educators and to establish a forum for the free discussion of issues surrounding any and every aspect of home education. Further details can be found on the Home Education Website (above).

The HE Special UK List is an Internet based support organisation for those who are home educating children with special needs. For more information and subscription details, visit their website:

Single Parent Home Educators A new mailing list for giving support and advice to single parent families.

The Jewish Homeschoolers e-mail discussion list is US-based but has a worldwide membership.

The Muslim Homeschoolers Resource Network website

UK Muslims List e-mail discussion list for home educating Muslims

Home Education in the U.S.A.

Growing Without Schooling magazine was founded by John Holt in 1977 as a way to support homeschooling families and to provide a forum for them to communicate with one another. It continues in this work to this day. For more information, contact: Growing Without Schooling, Holt Associates, 2380 MassAve, Suite 104, Cambridge MA 02140, USA.email:info@holtgws.com

Jon's Homeschool Resource Page  One of the best.

Home Education Magazine is one of the oldest, most respected, and most informative magazines on the subject of homeschooling.

AERO  Alternative Education Resource Organization

Home Educators Websites

Joe the Dragon  Enchanting site for kids of all ages. Lots of educational and fun games.

Rachel's family site

The Fairhead's Pages  lots of information about home education in the UK, plus the children have their own pages.

Little Bears Family Homeschool  A homeschooling family homepage with information on this family's educational ideas and also links to other sites of interest to home educators.

Charlotte and Alistair's Web Site

The Turner's Home Education Page  providing home-educating families an extensive guide to internet resources with an alternative slant.

Underhill Family Site  Homepage including Warwickshire  Birmingham home-ed activities, FAQ, resources etc.

Peter Ackers home page  Asperger & Autism, Astrophysics Stuff, A Theory of the Universe?

Blue Kat   see the artwork, find out about ME and disability, recipes and all sorts.

The Fortune-Wood Family  Learn about the Fortune-Wood family ("a home educating family of six") and their approach to home education